Heading to Madrid?

Enjoy the best of Madrid - according to those in the know

I’m just back from a short adventure in Madrid, where I visited Bárbara Requejo and her incredibly exciting project in Cebreros, high up in the Sierra de Gredos mountains.

It’s called Las Pedreras, so if Burgundian-style Garnacha sounds right up your street, stay tuned!

Leaving no stone unturned...

I had a day to explore Madrid itself, and I wanted to make it count.

So I asked Bárbara and fellow winemaker Maite Sánchez to help me indulge in my favourite hobbies - eating and drinking.

I also checked in with my friend Ferran Centelles - head sommelier of El Bulli for 13 years, and now one of Spain’s most respected wine critics.

These are some of Spain’s best palates, so I knew I’d be in good hands!

Your next visit to Madrid sorted

If you’re planning a city break yourself, Madrid might be on your radar.

So I thought I’d share my hitlist of the city’s top wine bars and restaurants - recommended by people I know and trust:

  • La Caníbal - C. de Argumosa, 28
  • La Finsa Vinos - C. del Amparo, 91
  • Ganz Wine Bar - C. de Almadén, 9
  • Berria - Pl. de la Independencia, 6
  • Angelita (closed temporarily but highly touted by all three, so keep an eye!) - C. de la Reina, 4
  • Entrevinos - C. de Ferraz, 36
  • Cuenllas - C. de Ferraz, 5
  • Lakasa - Pl. del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 1
  • La Tasquita de Enfrente - C. de la Ballesta, 6
  • Sacha - C. de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11
  • Taberna Laredo - C. del Dr. Castelo, 30
  • Taberna Verdejo - C. del General Díaz Porlier, 59

To make it easier for you, I’ve stuck them all on a handy list on Google Maps.

And if you fancy a day trip, Barro in Ávila and La Querencia in Villanueva de Ávila are well worth the hike.

If you’re not going any time soon, you can still enjoy the wines in Ireland

The two main wine regions around Madrid are Cebreros and Méntrida.

Long before the Madrid food scene became trendy, these wines were mostly bottled as table wine and drunk in the bars and restaurants of the city.

These days the wines are in high demand and standing very much on their own. But they’re still amazing value for money!

At WineSpark you've got some of the best wines of Madrid at your fingertips:

  • El Bufón de Arrayán Albillo Real 2022 - a rare white from Cebreros, this is a golden and full-bodied white with hints of citrus, honey and tropical flavours, and a distinct minerality from the special granite soils in the vineyard. €21.98 member price
  • Arroyo de Arrayán Blanco 2021 - Spanish whites are flying right now and this gem of a wine is one of the big reasons why. An aromatic blend of Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris, from the vineyards just outside Arrayán’s winery in Finca La Verdosa. €21.98 member price
  • Las Pedreras Arquitón Rosado 2022 - showing the amazing versatility of the Garnacha grape, this is a serious and ageworthy rosé from sunny sites in Cebreros. It goes amazingly well with food and gives Tavel and Bandol - the best rosés in the world - a serious run for their money at €23.36 member price
  • Las Pedreras Los Arroyuelos 2021 - a beautifully balanced Garnacha, a blend of different plots along the Alto Alberche valley. It has the juicy fruit of a good Côtes du Rhône, with classic Cebreros structure and freshness. 17/20 points from Ferran and a big thumbs up for its value - €22.09 for members.
There’s more to come from Madrid...

I discovered some amazing bottles on my trip, including Barbara’s Garnacha, a Pet Nat sparkling rosé, and Maite’s Méntrida Albillo Real - just announced as the second best indigenous white wine in Spain by Decanter magazine.

And if you do visit any of the bars or restaurants mentioned above - be sure to look out for these wines!

P.s. If you like your coffee, I’ve got you covered here too. Here’s a list on Google Maps of great spots from my good friend José De León Guzmán, who seriously knows his stuff.

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