The WineSpark Story

hi, i'm eamon and this is why i created winespark.

For 10 years I was the Wine Guy at a great company in the UK called Naked Wines. This meant I spent most of my time hunting down the best independent winemakers and setting them up in business.

I visited every wine region on the planet scouting out gems. I spent countless hours in vineyards and wineries. I sat at many a kitchen table with winemakers and their families, trying to solve the world’s problems over delicious food and wine.

The travel was great - but by far my favourite bit was bringing these wines and stories back to the UK, and sharing them with my 250,000 customers.

Even when I moved back to Ireland in 2019 with my wife Ruth and two kids, I was able to keep the dream job going from Dublin.

the story behind winespark

then lockdown hit...

The travel came to screaming halt, and I was stuck at home like everyone else. With far too much time to reflect on things.

And soon two things dawned on me...

1. I’m at home now, surrounded by friends and family

2. I love sharing brilliant wines with people

Eureka moment - why don’t I bring the two together? I’ve spent 10 years making great wines accessible to UK wine drinkers, why not do that here?

That’s why I’ve come up with WineSpark

For me, wine is really simple. It’s not an intellectual exercise… wine is made for good times with good people.

And if you happen to know the winemaker who made the wine you're drinking - or even vaguely appreciate the heart and soul that went into that bottle - for me that makes drinking it so much more special.

This is what WineSpark is all about - connecting you with amazing winemakers. A ‘wine spark’, you could say ☺

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