curico, chile

connie schwaderer

If you had to create one country on earth with all the necessary ingredients to produce world-class wine, you’d pick Chile...
- 300 days of sunshine
- Extreme influences - the cooling Pacific ocean on one side, the rugged Andes mountains on the other with hot central valleys in the middle
- And a smorgasbord of ancient volcanic soils which produce amazing flavours in the grapes.

Chile has so much potential as a winemaking country. Most people only know it for the cheap stuff down the supermarket, but trust me, premium Chile is right up there with the best in the world.

And no better winemaker to show you premium Chile, than my good friend Connie Schwaderer. She’s one of the very best over there - she was crowned Winemaker of the Year in Chile six years ago.

Connie began her career at a big corporate winery before going it alone as an independent - she was one of the founding members of the ground-breaking and rebellious MOVI group of winemakers in 2009.

Around the same time she came on board with Naked Wines, so I got to know her and her wines really well down the years.

Connie started Schwaderer Wines in 2015 along with her sister Mariane. Her secret is to work with incredible growers who produce the highest quality grapes, and then use all her experience and know-how in the winery to make characterful, authentic wines that tell the story of where they’re made.

So forget everything you think you knew about Chile, and try Connie’s wines. Coming in August.

Connie's wines