Provence, France

Grégory Guibergia

Domaine Saint Andrieu was discovered in 2003 by Jean-Paul and Nancy Bignon, the owners of the famous Chateau Talbot. 

Jean-Paul was sitting on an Air France plane flicking through the in-flight magazine, when he came across an ad for an old 14th century farmhouse in Provence. He instantly fell in love with it, and decided to buy it as a holiday home. As you do.

He soon discovered he was sitting on a potential goldmine - 12 hectares of vineyard, meadows and olive groves. an old winery. There was a catch - it was all in a bad state of disrepair.

So he called up a local winemaker called Gregory Guibergia - who was tasked with restoring the estate to its former glory.

Blessed with the most incredible natural resources, and armed with the financial muscle of an established Bordeaux powerhouse, Gregory had the ideal ingredients to make the perfect Provence rosé.

Gregory Guibergia's Wines