stellenbosch, south africa

Jocelyn Hogan Wilson

When it comes to emerging talent in South Africa, Jocelyn Hogan Wilson is a name on everyone’s lips right now - from fellow respected winemakers, to wine critics and wine drinkers in the know.

So I was delighted when my friend Johan Kruger made the introduction, and one call later I knew Jocelyn was the perfect fit for WineSpark.

Her great grandparents hail from Cork - Jocelyn promises me she’ll dig out the full story for the next time we can share a bottle in person.

Jocelyn manages to fit a lot in - mum, wife, winemaker and fruit farmer. You can also add entrepreneur to the list - she started Hogan Wines in 2014 after winemaking stints in the Cape and overseas.

Her wines are slowly gaining the critical acclaim that they deserve.

She is incredibly passionate about older vineyard sites and making wines that represent where they’re from.

Her wines are beautifully textured, gentle and intense, with great elegance and length. And from talking through the wines with Jocelyn, I can see how her incredible attention to detail, respectful vineyard practices and a minimal approach to winemaking make the wines taste the way they do.

If you want to taste the amazing potential of what South Africa has to offer, give Jocelyn’s wines a try.

They’ll be here in the autumn!