mosel, germany

laura gindorf

If you’re looking for the truest expression of Riesling in the world, Germany’s Mosel Valley is a great place to start.

Gunter Gindorf has been quietly mastering his craft on his insanely steep vineyard slopes since 1999. His daughter Laura joined him last year - as a trained winemaker she’s now driving the business forward under her father’s watchful eye.

Mosel Riesling is famed for its ‘minerality’ - the stony, flinty character that makes it so distinctive. The best soil for this is red slate - which the Gindorf vineyards sit on.

Look at the labels and you’ll see a steep gold line streaking through it - this is the actual steepness of the slopes of their Annaberg vineyard.

This aspect gives the perfect exposure to the sun for ripening the grapes fully, while the slate soils keep them cool and fresh at night.

Making wine isn’t for the faint-hearted around here - no machine could get near the 45-degree plus angled slopes. So everything is done by hand. And you can taste this care and attention in Laura’s wines.

Laura's wines