Loire, France

Damien Laurent

The Loire is the true home of Sauvignon Blanc - nowhere else does it taste as pure, characterful and authentic.

I’ve got a pretty good contact here from my Naked years - Joost de Villebois - who owns one of the biggest family producers in the Sancerre area, Fournier Pere et Fils.

When I asked him for tip-offs on hot Loire talent, he put forward his own winemaker, Damien Laurent.

Even though Damien oversees the production of a whopping 2 million bottles every year, it’s the small family domaines within Fournier’s portfolio that he’s most passionate about.

Born in Champagne and educated in Bordeaux, Damien learnt his craft from the godfather of French Sauvignon, the late Denis Dubourdieu.

He makes wines of great elegance, purity and finesse - exactly what you’re looking for when forking out for top Loire Sauvignon.

These wines are in high demand, especially from Michelin starred restaurants across France, Germany and the UK.

Thanks to my connections I’ve got a small amount at an amazing price for you.