Pfalz, Germany

Gerd Stepp

Gerd grew up in a sleepy German village called Bad Durkheim, where his parents and grandparents were farmers and grapegrowers. 

You might not be surprised to learn Gerd is now a winemaker in Bad Durkheim, but made damn sure he experienced the world before settling back here.

Since 1986 when he first left Germany, he…

- Made wine in New Zealand

- Made wine in Zimbabwe (at the time it was the best winery in Africa!)

- Worked at Oddbins in the UK

- Made wine in South Africa

- Set up a wine bottling site in Nigeria

- Made wine for 7 years in Tuscany

- Became a flying winemaker all over Italy for 4 years - Puglia, Sicily, Veneto, Piedmont

- Made wine from Germany, Argentina and Italy for M&S for 10 years

Finally in 2009 he realised enough was enough, he’d lost touch with more authentic winemaking, so he went home. I bet his mom was happy to see him...

Why am I telling you this? Gerd tells me he learned something everywhere, and when you taste the mind-blowing quality of his wines, you’ll see what he means.

He makes wine in the up-and-coming region of Pfalz, where Riesling and Pinot Noir are kings.