Alentejo, Portugal

Luís Louro

I don’t know why, but Luís kind of flew under the radar when I worked with him at Naked Wines in the UK. It might be because we had larger, more established players in our Portuguese range. 

Or his really good stuff was just out of reach, price-wise. But with WineSpark’s business model, I realised his amazing wines could suddenly be affordable and attainable to normal people. And that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Growing up, Luís could have taken the easier route - which was to follow his highly successful father into the family wine business, Quinta do Moro.

But Luís is fiercely independent and strong-willed - and wanted to create his own interpretation of the high potential Alentejo wine region.

Speaking of Alentejo - if you gave me a pot of gold to buy a vineyard anywhere on planet Earth - I’d probably pick this place.

It’s a huge, hot, dry region in the southern part of Portugal, the ground covered in similar red dirt to what you get in Coonawarra Australia. It’s red wine heaven.

Luís is based in Estramoz - the northern part right by the Spanish border.