piedmont, Italy

Serena & Gabriele Cordero

Serena and Gabriele Cordero are a brother and sister duo from Alba in northern Italy. 

I've known Serena and her dad Gianfranco for years at Naked Wines, so I knew exactly who to ask when I was looking for some special Barolo and Barbera for WineSpark.

What I didn't expect to turn up with the samples was an absolute gem of a white called Innav Arneis from the little known Roero region. It's a dedication to their granddad and if you look closely at the label you'll see Gabriele as a little boy picking grapes with him like they used to.

Gabriele looks after the grape-growing and is at peak happiness tending the vines and surrounded by the bees, bugs and butterflies that thrive in their vineyards.

Serena focuses on the winemaking - hand-crafting delicious, authentic wines with a real sense of place.

When she’s not doing that, she’s full-on with the family business, which consults for 70% of Alba’s wineries, as well as producers in Tuscany, Calabria and Moldova.