Where is all the wine?

We’ve had a few people get in touch recently wondering why we have so many wines out of stock.

I’m as frustrated as you are! However there are a few good reasons for it...

  1. We buy all our wine directly from winemakers - this can take longer than buying from agents/importers. But I'm guessing this access to special stuff at better prices is why you're here!
  2. These are strange times... harvests and volumes are down all over Europe, and logistics has become slow and expensive. Often we can't get our hands on as much of a wine that we'd like to, and when we do, it takes longer to get here.
  3. Most importantly, I’m new to this. I haven’t sold wine in Ireland before, so I’m learning (fast!) which wines sell out quicker than others. I'm getting a better feel for which wines to go longer on.

I’m in Beaujolais and Burgundy this week, discovering some great new producers who will supply some of the wines you’ve been crying out for (more Pinot, Chardonnay, lower alcohol and lighter reds).

Be sure to check out our most recently added wines to the site:

  • Those asking for slightly lighter reds should give Jocelyn Hogan’s Divergent a go. It’s a homage to the late Serge Hochar of Château Musar - a blend of Cabernet, Cinsault and Carignan. Tastes a bit like old school Bordeaux
  • And Jocelyn’s Chenin is everything I look for in a white wine - complexity, texture, great length
  • Laura Gindorf’s Annaberg Riesling which is textbook Mosel - dry, mineral and perfectly balanced. The gold line on the label is the actual steepness of the slope in the vineyard - it’s nuts!

And we have a small armada of wine shipments en route to Ireland, including some new treats and old favourites…

We’ve just added a new button to the site - if you want to get an email as soon as a wine comes back into stock, you can do that now. 

And if you want to keep tabs on me, I've created a public Google Doc where you can see what wines I'm looking for, and when your favourites are coming back in stock.

Thanks for your patience - I hope you’ll agree there’s some seriously good stuff along the way, and they’ll be worth the wait!

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